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At Pearson Australia we provide products and services that help teachers teach and people learn. We work with authors and educators to play a key role in educating people of all ages in all parts of the country. Pearson Australia is also leading the way in combining technology with education.


In higher education, market-leading Pearson online learning solutions such as Pearson LearningStudio and MyLab have revolutionised the digital learning landscape offering superior online tools and features across a range of different areas as they succeed in closing the gap between distance learning and on-site classes.

In schools, innovative online student books like Pearson eBook 3.0 and the outstanding number of digital learning objects with myTeachingPlace (over 30,000!) are paving the way for technology in learning throughout Australia.


Pearson Australia supports a range of teacher awards to help acknowledge that striving for teaching excellence is a vital part of an academic's role. The aim of the awards is to encourage and recognise innovative teaching practices. Read more about the awards here.

We are also the proud recipients of several Australian Educational Publishing Awards.


Significant milestones

1859 William Charles Rigby starts a bookshop in Adelaide.
1960s Heinemann is established in Australia by Nick Hudson.
1979 Rigby Ltd, publishers of 'outbackery and bushwackery’ and education titles, is acquired by James Hardie’s Hamlyn Group.