The World's Leading Learning Company

"One of the world’s great rallying cries is ‘high quality education for all’ – and rightly so. Good education powers nations to economic growth, helps families and their communities to prosper and enables all of us to make more of ourselves and our lives. But, as all the research shows, simply spending more on education is no guarantee of improved learning outcomes.

We believe it is only when you ‘join up the educational dots’ properly that the whole process of teaching and learning becomes much more effective. That’s why, for example, we believe it is vital to link curriculum, content, assessment and professional development of teachers in a much more systematic way. It is this overwhelming emphasis on efficacy that drives our digital strategies to focus on making learning much more personal and powerful; and to applying student data to diagnose and improve learning.

In all our work, we aim to be brave, imaginative and decent; all values, of course, that a high quality education helps to foster. Our philosophy of ‘Always Learning’ applies not just to what we do but how we do it. Every year, we make major investments in education policy, research and development. Every day, all around the world, we learn more about the most effective means of teaching and learning a whole range of subjects and skills for students of all ages and from all backgrounds.

We’d love to have the opportunity to share with you what we learn in our work each day – and help you to bring the great richness of a high quality education to more of our fellow citizens around the world."

John Fallon, Chief Executive, Pearson